Buyin’, Sellin’, Tradin’ & Talkin’ 80’s Freestyle BMX Bikes

That’s all I ever want to do. There just has never been a time quite as cool as the 1980’s. Maybe I just feel that way because I was a kid back then and I never grew up, but I just don’t think any other time on earth was even close to being as totally awesome as the 80’s.

One of my favorite things about the 80’s was the freestyle bikes. I loved the colors and the designs so much… not to mention the awesome tricks that could be done on one. I lived on my bike. I was never able to get the greatest rides back then, but now I am making up for it.

I recently fell back in love with freestyle bikes and it quickly became my favorite hobby/obsession once again. I have a pretty nice collection going and can’t wait to add more bikes.

This is my site for showing off my bikes and sharing information about bikes and restoration.

I hope you enjoy the site. I will be adding more things to it over time so make sure to check back soon!